David Waln Pottery

Porcelaneous stoneware with high temperature glazes made from scratch since 1976.

Over the past four decades David has developed the clays and glazes he needs for pottery that is strong, attractive, safe, and a pleasure to use. All his pots are hand thrown on a potter's wheel, glazed, decorated and signed - no two are exactly alike.

David's pots are:

    • Lead free
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Microwave safe

Most are Porcelaneous Stoneware. Some are specially formulated for ovenware.

The clay and glaze materials, whether dug or purchased in mineral form, are usually re-milled in a ball mill to pick up stray oversize particles that might weaken the mixes. Every batch of clay and glaze is tested to assure that the glazes used will fit the clay in a strengthening amount of compression. Learn more...


David's pottery can be purchased at Fitzgerald's Flowers (map).

1414 Adams Ave

La Grande, OR 97850

(541) 963-2126

(800) 955-0527